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Dear Qualisino Members,

In order to further understand the Qualicoat, Qualanod, Qualideco standards and test methods, and Qulicoat licensed coater must attend a training arranged by the general licensee every two years, we will hold the 4th standard and test method training seminar in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou from July 31, 2020. This training seminar focuses on the practical operation of test requirements and test methods. Please arrange the quality or lab manager to attend the seminar.

In order to ensure the quality of training, the seminar is limited to 50 participants. The member units that did not attend last year, especially the coaters should register enthusiastically. The conference receipt will be sent to daisy@qualisino.com by July 20, 2020.


1. Preliminary training: As agenda.

2. Time: July 31, 2020.

3. Address: Hangzhou Hampton by Hilton,777 Boxue Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou

4. Fee standard: there are 3 free places for each member, and more than 3 free places and non-member units will charge RMB1000/ person's meeting fee. Please arrange payment before July 25th, 2020.

Bank information:




5.  consultation:

Attn:       Daisy Yuan                                   

Email:    daisy@qualisino.com                    

Tel:        0571-8286 5811                               

Phone:   139 6711 2059                          



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