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Congratulate on the consummation of 2020 QUALISINO Membership Meeting


2020 QUALISINO Membership Meeting was held on 15 Oct., 2020 in the Zhaoqing.Mr.Xuezhu Pan who is the Chairman of Qualisino, Ms.Jerry Li who is the Chief representative of Qualisino, Mr.Derek Ding who is the general manager of IFO Hangzhou laboratory.More than 100 representatives of well-known coaters, powder manufacturers, chemical producers as well as other supporting companies attended the meeting. 

In order to promote the exchange between memberships and industry professionals , understanding of the Qualicoat , Qualanod , Qualideco quality label,to better understand the latest development and update requirements,share the latest technology of the industry, we have the honor to invite Mr.Mo Panam who is the chairman of Qualicoat,Ms. Sue C.C.paredi who is the General Secretary General of Qualicoat, Mr. Oliver boegler who is the IFO German Laboratory and the industry experts and technical elites made a wonderful speech for everybody!

The meeting completed successfully thanks to the support of all the attendance. QUALISINO provided a good technical training and exchange platform, through technology exchange and technology sharing to further enhance Chinese aluminum producers of technical level and product quality. Qualisino also provided a good platform for the domestic aluminium companies to go abroad into the world. 


Development of surface treatment of aluminum profiles—Guangya(Qualisino chairman): Mr.Xuezhu Pan



Qualisino Annual report and Qualicoat data sharing.—Qualisino: Ms.Jerry Li



Introduction of Members of The Qualisino TC/EC.



Qualicoat update sheet and Florida test results.—IFO Hangzhou: Mr.Derek Ding



The foundings from the inspections.—IFO Hangzhou: Mr.Luis Luo



Fault analysis case sharing— IFO Germany: Mr.Oliver Boegler



Qualicoat Headquarters report. —Qualicoat secretary general: Ms.Sue C. C. Paredi 



Qualicoat Headquarters report.—Qualicoat chairman: Mr.Mo Panam


Upgraded Cr free pre-treatment 2.0—Surtec: Mr.Xu Li



Powder coating in the architectural applications—Nippon: Ms.Jinghong Li



Formulation and properties of FEVE fluorocarbon metal powderFEVE

—Huajiang: Mr Fuquan Lian









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Qualisino member’s photo